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Why should your school or college have a virtual tour?

1. Helps Your School Stand Out

Any college can display pictures of their facility and surroundings. Why not go the extra step with a virtual tour? Interactive, multimedia tours can make your website come alive for potential students as well as increase your organic traffic.  A virtual tour makes your educational centre stand out and gives website visitors a realistic idea of the layout and what they can expect. 

2. Highlights Your Unique Campus

Virtual tours allow you to showcase the uniqueness of your facility, whether it's a unique architectural feature or a landmark on campus that other schools don’t have. When students are making an enrolment decision, small details matter. Sharing unique, memorable aspects of your campus can help increase your registration numbers.

3. Provides Vital Information

More students will catch on to what makes your school special in a virtual tour, rather than reading impressive statistics in writing. Include a video of students taking part in sports to show your school's prowess in extracurricular activities. If you excel in academics, include clips of students engaged in class activities and testimonials from parents.